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Xtreme: Daniel Dhers Rides a Ramp on a Moving Trailer in Peru


Red Bull and Daniel Dhers take to the streets of Peru in this next level demonstration of pure BMX badassness! The Venezuelan five-time X-Games Gold Medalist demonstrates both his skill and lack of fear as he performs what he does best on two specially-designed ramps mounted on moving trailers alongside Lima’s chaotic traffic. Its no wonder why Red Bull have some of the dopest BMXers onboard with them..afterall they get to do things like this for a living!


Xtreme: Skateboarding and Lingerie Models Meet in “New York La La La” L’Official Homme

So we have a wonder video here.. Why a wonder video you may ask? Mix some of the insanest lingerie models in the world and mix it up with a few dope skaters and out comes this insane video. Skate is still sexy and this shows just how much it is! Check the video out and decide for yourself! We salute you!

Xtreme : Red Bull Daily Grind Video

Red Bull always pull it off but this is a project that has gone to perfection. Mix a skate park and your normal 9-5 office and boom you got a daily grind! This unconventional idea has been in discussion for a while and its worth the wait! Dope! Featuring the likes of Ryan ShecklerFelipe Gustavo, Corbin Harris, Alex Midler, Ryder Lawson, Gard Hvaara and Sewa Kroetkov.

X treme : Adidas Skateboarding Hits the Pacific Northwest

Tokyo..check.. Madrid..check.. American Northwest.. here we come! Adidas’ skateboarding team shows why they really are still one of the dopest skate teams in the world still. Featuring Dennis Busenitz, Jake Donnelly, Mark Suciu and newly-introduced contest prodigy Alec Majerus they make their way through Vancouver, Portland and Seattle

Juice Design-directed edit